Which expat careers are in demand?


In such a diverse and ever-changing job market, new jobs and, subsequently, different demands are cropping up all the time. Organizations are inevitably affected by the phenomenon that is globalization, what does this mean for the workforce?  Well, it means that talent from abroad is more valuable than ever! An individual’s knowledge of a country’s specific markets, language skills or having an understanding of high demand hard skills that are in low supply are very valuable to positions abroad.


So, based on the most wanted positions and their availability internationally, here are some of the top expat jobs around!


top expat career number one: developer


  1. 1. Developer


The technology industry has undoubtedly some of the best career prospects. Digital technology is everywhere nowadays, we use it daily in our personal lives and now in the workplace.


Developers are essentially programmers, they are specialized in the creation of applications. However, this position can vary depending on specialty. They can be web developers working on coding, functionality, and layout out of websites, or software developers working on computer applications.


Essentially, they are the core of our digital world, so it’s only natural that there’s a high demand for jobs and internships with hard skills in this sector. Check our offers in developer positions here!


top expat career number two: web design


  1. 2. Web design


As we mentioned before, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the importance of technology in our lives. Web designers work on the graphic design, interface, and user experience of a website.


Present-day it’s almost an obligation for companies to have their own website and online presence. However, that’s not enough. Bad web design and terrible usability will only turn away users and thus, customers. Making the website as accessible and easy to use as possible is proven to increment conversion, the most important step of a business strategy.


For this reason, web designers are more fundamental than ever! You can check out our web design job offers here.


top expat career number three: marketing


  1. 3. Marketing


Careers in marketing, in general, are on the rise. With new jobs related to the digital world emerging, we’re seeing an evolution in this sector. With products and companies trying to get their slice of the market by standing out from the noise of their ever-growing competition, marketing is becoming one of the core departments in organizations.


A job abroad in marketing can help you understand international audiences and markets, along with providing an enriching cultural experience. Additionally by travelling, you will be able to broaden your horizon and also help with core soft skills found in this field such as creativity.


We have many marketing job positions over on our job board!


top expat career number four: management


  1. 4. Management positions


As organizations grow, they are becoming more flexible and transparent. Focusing on teamwork, project-based relationships, and good employee engagement. You could say that leadership is becoming more horizontal and shared. Meaning there will be a rise in the demand for management positions.


From product managers to account managers, there are plenty of roles overseas. Companies are seeking experienced and talented new recruits to effectively manage teams and budgets in a range of different industries.


You can take a look at our management positions here.


top expat career number five: business jobs


  1. 5. Business jobs


This is a broad but popular sector, in which there are many different roles and job descriptions. It is also a career path deeply affected by the globalized world. Jobs in international business can pretty much be found on any continent, making it a great opportunity for expat careers! To see our current business job opportunities you can click here.


top expat career number six: finance


  1. 6. Finance jobs


This field is also experiencing continuous growth, meaning that there are various positions at different levels of experience. For anyone who would like to enhance their international career in finance, a job overseas is a great opportunity.


Due to the increase in globalization in all areas, economic relations are more international than ever. Many companies, who are in the process of expanding are looking for talent with an understanding of the global economy or vast knowledge on a certain market.


Generally, large cities and capitals such as London, New York, and Madrid are highly attractive destinations for expats in this career path.


Check out our expat finance jobs here!



If you are thinking about taking the leap and giving your career that international push you can check out our blog post on the top expat destinations for inspiration!