Coaching Program

Each customer is considered individually and will receive a personalized proposal with the services they require and an exact price.

  1. EYE-CATCHING CV that meets the highest international standards and resonates with top-notch companies and hiring managers.
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  3. OPTIMIZED LINKEDIN PROFILE - A strong and authentic online image and a powerful tool to expand and activate your professional network.
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  5. INTERVIEW PREPARATION - A strong and persuasive pitch and the opportunity to test your interview skills with an expert.


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  1. A 2-hour session where the “FIND YOUR WHY” methodology by Simon Sinek is implemented.

  2. It includes:
  3.      •  "Deep dive" into your previous experiences to identify behavioral patterns, main achievements, success stories, as well as the strengths and the skills/abilities you have developed that are transferrable to different roles
         •  Personality tests to define your key traits – they will ultimately help you stand out from the crowd
         •  Synthesis of your WHY. Report with full description of your talents, needs and drivers, risk and weakness and suggestions.


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  1. PERSONAL LEADERSHIP CANVAS to define and formalize your personal brand identity, includes
  2.      •  Identify core competencies, values, most valuable experiences and competitive advantages to elaborate a unique value proposition
         •  Define target audience of your brand
         •  Identify pillars of a compelling story
         •  Guide you through the process of elaborating effective brand visuals (focus on professional headshot, LinkedIn background picture)

Fully personalized coaching program