Protection of Personal Information & Cookie


You may be asked on the Site to provide personal data to you or which relate to a third party. This data collection is carried out including:

  • When you apply for a job or internship,
  • When you use our service “HR Coaching”
  • When you contact our Service Support,
  • When you visit the Site,
  • When you share a page or an offer with a friend by sending an e-mail,
  • When you share a page or an offer through a social network

The data collected is for the use of the company Planet Expat. They are necessary for the treatment and management of your postulations and service requests as well as trade relations between the company Planet Expat SARL and you.

Through the company Planet Expat, and if you have expressly consented, you may need to receive electronic surveys from business partners of the company Planet Expat.

By applying through the site Planet Expat, and after providing your personal data, you can also be informed of offers the company Planet Expat form of newsletters, emails or emails event of customized products and services provided by offers Expat society Planet. If you no longer wish to receive these offers, you can inform us at any time by mail or email (details provided in the “Contact Us” Site).

The company Planet Expat is responsible for processing your data. They can be sent to companies and subcontractors, and its service providers located in and outside the European Union, which the company called Planet Expat in the framework of the implementation of its Global Services offered through the Site or the conditions specified in the data collection on the Site.

The processing of personal data implemented by the company Planet Expat through the Site have been registered with the file number 1712254 the 10-22-2013 provided by the French law “Informatique & Libertés” No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, with the CNIL (

Under this law, you have a right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning you, which exercises using the userform contact on the Site.


Certain non-personal information may be collected during your navigation on the Site, such as the version of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc..), The type of operating system (Linux , Windows 98, Mac Os, etc..) and IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer used.

The company Planet Expat uses cookies to store information that can identify your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), during the consultation of the Site to facilitate the browsing experience on it.

In addition, the company is likely to Planet Expat or through service providers (communications consulting agencies) to promote its activities and offers on sites or third-party applications buy advertising space directly through content advertising (text, graphics, animations, videos, etc..) broadcast by these sites or applications. Similarly, cookies may be included in the advertising spaces on the site. These advertising spaces appear on your device advertising content from advertisers. These areas contribute to the funding of content and services that the company Planet Expat offers.

When displaying such advertising content, information relating to the navigation of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc..) Can be stored in “cookies” files installed on this device, subject to the choices expressed on cookies, by one of the means described in Section 2.5 below, and you can change at any time.

Only the sender of a cookie is likely to read or modify information contained therein.

The cookies society Planet Expat emits allow:

  • Compile statistics and volumes of traffic and use of the various components of the site (headings and visited content, course), and allow us to improve the relevance and usability of the services available on the Site,
  • To count the total number of ads displayed by the company Planet Expat on its advertising space to identify these ads, their respective number of views, the number of users who clicked on each ad and, where appropriate, actions later performed by users on these pages that lead these ads to calculate the amounts due to the actors of the chain of dissemination of advertising (advertising agency, advertising, website / broadcast medium) and compile statistics,
  • Adapt the presentation of the site and advertising space thereon to display (display your operating language, resolution, system, etc.) preferences of your terminal during visits to the web site, the materials and visualization software or playback device that comprises
  • Adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal by advertising space, according to the navigation terminal and / or function of the personal data you provided us,
  • Storing information relating to a form that you filled on the Site (registration or account access) or to products, services or information you have selected on the Site (subscribed service contents of a shopping cart, etc.)
  • Enable you access to restricted areas of the Site and personal thanks to password chosen during registration to the Site,
  • Implement security measures, such as when restricted access is revoked after a certain period of time.

If you refuse cookies from being saved on your device, or if removal of those who are saved, you can not benefit from a number of features which are still needed to navigate some areas of the Site. Where appropriate, the company Planet Expat disclaims all liability for the consequences related to degraded operation of the Site’s services resulting from the inability to record or read the cookies they need to operate and you have refused or deleted.

2.1. Interest To See To display advertisements Adapted To The Navigation

One of the objectives of the company Planet Expat is to present the most relevant ads possible. To this end, cookie technology to determine in real time what advertising display at a terminal, based on its recent navigating a (e) or multiple sites or applications.

Your interest in the advertising content that are displayed on your terminal when viewing other sites often determines the advertising resources of it, allowing it to use its services, often provided to users free of charge. You probably prefer to see display advertisements that match what you want rather than the ads that have no interest for you. Similarly, advertisers who want their ads served are interested in displaying their offers to users most likely to be interested in them.

2.2. Using Shared From Your Terminal

If your device is used by several people and when the same terminal has several navigation software, the company Planet Expat can not ensure with certainty that the services and advertisements for this terminal correspond to your own use and not to that of another user of this terminal.

Where appropriate, sharing with others from the use of this device and the configuration settings of the browser used against cookies are your choice and your responsibility.

2.3. Third’s parties cookies  

When you browse the Site, cookies issued by third parties can be placed by them on your device, subject to the choices you have exercised before or at any time, particularly through the configuration settings from your software navigation, under the conditions described in Section 2.5 below. These cookies are intended to identify the products available on the Site and collect navigation data to personalize the advertising offers that could be presented to you outside the Site. As part of this type of advertising partnership, the company Planet Expat may be required to transmit data to the partner concerned about anonymous browsing viewed products with your device while browsing on the Site.

The issue and the use of cookies by third parties are subject to the policies of protection of privacy of third parties. The company Planet Expat inform you of the purpose of cookies which the company Planet Expat aware and means you have to make choices with respect to cookies and their respective issuers.

2.3.1. Via third party content Disseminated In Our Advertising Spaces

Advertising content (. Graphics, animations, videos, etc.) issued in our advertising spaces may contain cookies sent by third parties or the advertiser behind the advertising content concerned or a third party to the advertiser (consulting agency communication, audience measurement company, a provider of targeted advertising, etc..), which has an associated cookie advertising content from an advertiser.

Where appropriate, the cookies issued by third parties may allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies:

  • To count the number of displays advertising content disseminated via our advertising space, identify advertising and displayed the number of users who clicked on each ad, allowing them to calculate the amounts due and thereby establish statistics,
  • Recognize your device when your subsequent browsing on any other site or service on which these advertisers or third also emit these cookies and, where appropriate, adapt these third party sites and services or advertisements they broadcast to navigation on your device they may have knowledge.

3.2. An Advertising Sale by External Operator Our Advertising Space

Advertising space on our site may be operated by one or more regulated (s) ad (s) External (s) and, where applicable, contain cookies issued by one of them.

Where appropriate, the cookies issued by these external advertising agencies allow them during the period of validity of these cookies:

  • To count the total number of advertisements displayed by them on our advertising spaces, to identify these ads, their respective number of views, the number of users who clicked on each ad and, if necessary, subsequent actions taken by users on these pages that lead these advertisements, to calculate the amounts due to chain actors ad serving (advertiser, advertising agency, advertising, website / broadcast medium) and compile statistics,
  • Adapt advertising space they operate to the display (operating display used, etc. language, resolution, system) preferences of your terminal, according to the hardware and software to view or read your terminal comprises
  • Adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal via our advertising space according to your navigation device on our website,
  • Adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal via our advertising space, according to earlier or later your navigation device on third-party sites in which the board concerned also makes cookies, provided that these cookies have been recorded in terminal according to your choice you exercised by one of the means described in Article 2.5 below,
  • Adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal via our advertising space based on location data (latitude and longitude) can be transmitted, subject to your explicit prior consent, your mobile device,
  • Adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal in our advertising space based on personal information you may have provided to this advertising.

2.4. Cookies “Flash” From Adobe Flash Player

“Adobe Flash Player” ™ is a computer application that allows the rapid development of dynamic content using the computer language “Flash”. Flash (and similar applications) stores settings, preferences and usage of these contents through a technology similar to cookies. However, “Adobe Flash Player” ™ handles this information and your choice via a different interface that is provided by your browser.

Insofar as your terminal is likely to view Flash content developed with the language, we invite you to access your management tools Flash cookies directly from the site.

2.5. How to Express Your Choices About Cookies?

2.5.1. Your Choice Expressed Directly Via Your Terminal

You can allow or deny cookies from being stored in your device with the appropriate settings on your browser on the Internet. On this point, please refer to the tips for using these parameters, depending on the browser used to access the page from the website of the National Commission for Computing and Liberties:

You can also allow or deny cookies from being stored in your terminal (but in this case, you can not place orders on the Website), by configuring your browser for this purpose.

Please note that the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will let you know how to change your wishes regarding cookies, including the following manner for the most commonly used browsers:



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If you interact with the plugins, for example by clicking the “Like” or “Share” means information relating to your navigation of the Site and your membership in these networks will be transmitted and stored on a server the company operating the Social Network considered and shared within the parameters of your user account these Social Networks under the conditions of use of Social Network considered.

If you do not want a Social Network links the information collected through the Site to the user’s considered Social Network account, you must disconnect from the Social Network considered before visiting the Site.

In any event, the use of these plug-ins or buttons is operated by the Social Networks and is exclusively governed by the terms between you and the Social Network you are a member.