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CAREER Orientation

Over the years, we have guided hundreds of young and seasoned professionals towards defining their next career step and elevating their career prospects. Our coaches master the art of skills assessment, self-exploration and effective communication to help you realize your career potential.


Our global experience makes us a privileged advisor to help you develop a strong application that meets the highest international standards. An effective CV, a convincing cover letter, an optimized Linkedin profile and strong interview skills convince the most demanding recruiters.


Having a strong personal image is a key success factor in the context of an ever-increasing competition within the professional field. Our proven methodology focuses on enhancing your personal brand, making it unique, memorable and attractive to ultimately elevate your profile.

Get hired!

Planet Expat exponentially raises your chances of getting hired by providing you with a complete application material redesign and job interview preparation.
You will receive a revamped CV that puts emphasis on your achievements and most relevant skills based on your career objective, an optimized LinkedIn profile that conveys a strong and authentic professional image, and an in-depth interview preparation.
Our goal is to make sure your job search is focused, efficient and above all successful!

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Find your career path!

Through a very human-centered approach, our coaches will provide you with highly customized career guidance and the necessary tools to accompany you through your career transition and ultimately help you reach your next professional endeavors.
Our mission is to understand you both as an individual and a professional, enabling us to assist you in refining your professional project so you reach fulfillment.
You will ultimately get a clear action plan and will be able to apply what you learned during your whole career!

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Elevate your profile!

Our comprehensive coaching solution is based on a very practical approach and a pedagogical methodology designed to portray you as a leader, organically grow your professional network and attract recruiters.
We help you with defining the foundations of your brand identity, maximizing your strengths and differentiation factors, and storytelling.
This work will allow you to develop your unique value proposition, increase your influence and gain self-confidence.

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Fulfill your career potential with our HR experts' advice

What customers say about us

Carolina Díaz


After my sessions with Montserrat, I realized my infinite potential, which in turn gave me new ideas to develop my career in a more effective and harmonious way

Camila Baraya


Working with Montse and Sophie in the "Finding Your Why" program allowed me to recognize how far I've traveled until now and to visualize multiple possibilities related to work that I've never considered.  After the sessions, I'm sure about my next steps, and new opportunities have opened up for me. Thanks to Planet Expat, I applied to an internship at a company based in New York. I highly recommend this process if you are looking for a meaningful professional life. 

Gabriel Hamsi


My experience with Planet Expat was great. Sophie drove me through a way of understanding my skills that I had never thought about. The whole coaching process was very enriching for me not only professionally, but also personally. It gave me the opportunity to develop new perspectives and understand the best path to reach my career goal.

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