Holidays are very exciting times, those preflight nerves and looking up all the things you can do (or not do, sometimes just relaxing is what you need).  However, before you get to the good part there’s a somewhat stressful part: planning. Where to go, booking flights, choosing accommodation, what to pack, and crossing your fingers hoping nothing will go wrong.


Lucky for you we have a few travel apps up our sleeves that could save you some time, so you can focus on the good bits!



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If you’re looking for a place to find cheap flights Skyscanner is the travel app for you! This travel search engine combs thousands of sources from the web, compiling them into a neat little list just for you. It makes comparing flights an effortless task.  It’s also completely free!


Plus, it comes with the “Can’t decide where?” option that allows you to look at all the flights leaving your nearest airport at any given time. Perfect for those moments where you want to get away but don’t know where!


Download it here!


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If any of your meticulously planned flights are delayed, cancelled or overbooked you should check out AirHelp. Many people aren’t aware of the compensation they are entitled to receive in these cases. This app turns it into a clear and simple process, by entering your flight information and some details about the mishap the company will manage the rest!


This startup is committed to fighting for air passengers’ rights, making the compensation process as simple and accessible as possible. Over on their website, you will find plenty of information on when you have compensation rights along with how much you are entitled to. If your claim via AirHelp is successful the company will charge a Service Fee based on the amount you receive.


Download it here!



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This travel app tracks data from flights all over the world. It allows you to track worldwide flights live on a map, look up cancellations, airport delays, and gate changes. Perfect for keeping on top of everything – no last-minute surprises at the airport!


Additionally, their website is full of interesting and interactive information, being able to see the immense amounts of planes up in the air at that exact moment is pretty impressive!


Download it here!




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This app does pretty much what it says on the tin: hostels. Search over 36,000 hostels from all over the world, rated by a community of travelers just like you.


You can book directly from the app; the booking comes with guarantees and they don’t charge any booking fees. You are also provided with 24/7 customer service (which is always handy).


Download it here!



trail wallet travel budget app advert


Trail Wallet


The perfect app for keeping track of your budget whilst on holiday. Organize and set budgets by trips or months, manage your daily spending and add up your expenses on the go!


Features such as categories that give you visuals on how much you’ve spent per one, as well as a breakdown so you can cut costs on the things that are turning out to be a bit too pricey.


Download it here!



xe currency converter travel app iphone advert


XE Currency Converter


If you’re travelling to a country with a different currency this app is incredibly handy. It provides you with live market rates, you can choose to save them on your phone and view them when you’re offline. Great for keeping track of when you should change your currency, or check that the deal you’re getting abroad is good.


Download it here!



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We all know that “I’ve forgotten something” feeling. Make sure you’ve got everything you need by using PackPoint! This clever app will give you a list of things you should pack based on the length of time your trip lasts, the weather at your destination, and the activities you have planned to do whilst there.


Enter the city you’re visiting, the day of your departure, and the number of nights you’ll be staying. You’ll receive a packing list with all your necessities, you can also personalize it by adding your own items. The stress of packing will become a no-brainer, just follow the list and do a little bit of Tetris to fit it all in.


Download it here!



trip it travel app advert




Organize your trip like a boss. When you’ve booked all the important parts – flight, hotel, car, etc. – forward them to [email protected] and they will send a master itinerary your way!


View everything you have planned in a neat map overview. You can access your important information, even when you’re offline. Once you’re at your destination you can check the app for nearby restaurants, ATMs, and more! Interactive airport maps, terminal and gate info, and the estimated time you should leave for the airport are some of the features you can find in their Pro version.


Download it here!




We hope you find these travel apps helpful, may your future trips be as organized and smooth as possible!


Happy travelling! 🙂


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