To work internationally is to live life to its fullest. Experiment different cultures, a variety of culinary dishes and immerse into a completely new way of thinking. With so many incredible cities in Europe, it’s no wonder why more and more expats from overseas choose to emigrate to a foreign place and call it home. Whether you’re after the relaxed lifestyle of Amsterdam lounging by the canal or a lively city with young professionals like Berlin, there are wonderful options available.


See below the top European destinations to work abroad in 2018:


Madrid, Spain


According to a survey by InterNations Expat Insider 2016, Madrid is the top European city for living abroad. The sunny climate and the great gastronomy may be what’s attracting visitors to the country, but the appealing lifestyle and good standard of living makes them stay. When it comes to general satisfaction of life, an amazing 93% of residents rated Madrid positively, higher than the global average of 78%. The public transport is also very affordable and efficient, though many people choose to walk around the city centre anyway. They also offer, what some regard as, the best Visa scheme in Europe with their Golden Visa program.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


If you’re looking for a laidback city with a community feel, Amsterdam is the perfect choice. It was voted the best tech city in Europe to work in, with global companies like Shell, Exor and Airbus basing themselves here. It’s regarded as a multicultural city, with over 180 different nationalities making up the current local population. The city is also fairly compact, which is why many residents choose to cycle around the centre.


Berlin, Germany


This cool capital has long been the home of techno music and young professionals who love to party. Recently though, it was also named startup city, with a new start up being created every 20 minutes. Many major businesses have offices in Berlin: Twitter, Uber, Microsoft, Google and Facebook all have offices there. At the moment, it’s still very affordable, with the typical rent for a one bed apartment in the city centre coming in at £725 a month.


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city that repeatedly tops the list for best place to live and work in. Their economy is rapidly growing, and it’s the fastest growing capital city in Europe. Some of the largest tech companies in the world have emerged from Sweden; most notably steaming giant Spotify. It’s a beautiful city with plenty to do and see, and many people cite it as being a happy place to live because of the excellent work/life balance. Most people get at least 5 weeks of holiday each year, and parents are given 480 days of leave to share between them.


Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon has relentlessly bounced back from being hit by the global recession in 2008. The weather is warm, and the food is delicious; so, it’s no surprise that many fellow Europeans choose to move to Lisbon to start a new life. The city is developing into a plush, sophisticated, cosmopolitan place; with increased investment in new houses and swanky buildings. The cost of living isn’t bad either, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment can be around £715. Also, the Web Summit, the biggest tech event in the world, seems to be staying in the city for the next 10 years or so.


Where Will You Go?


All of these cities offer a good quality of life, exciting new things to do and all within affordable prices.