An internship abroad can sound very exciting, the chance to learn as well as travel, live new experiences, discover different cultures… the list is endless. It’s an opportunity that many students and recent graduates alike are enticed by. But what are some of the most important pros to think about when making this decision, what exactly can an experience abroad teach you?


At Planet Expat, we’ve put together just a few of the most significant benefits doing an internship in another country has to offer:


gaining language skills


1) Perfect your business language skills


The best to way to learn a language is practicing, and there is no better way to submerge yourself in the language than living amongst natives. Not only will you improve your foreign language skills greatly, you will also expand your vocabulary and knowledge on topics in the field in which you work. Furthermore, it contributes to better communication skills in the workplace, enhancing different abilities such as presentations, negotiations and meetings.


In such a competitive market the ability to speak more than one language is a huge plus on anyone’s resume, you are more likely to opt for positions in an international or global work environment.



2) Connect with global networks


Networking is one of the most important things when it comes to succeeding in the professional world. It’s especially useful when you are looking for a job. However, it also serves as a way to stay on top of the latest news and trends in your industry, meeting possible partners or clients, in addition to improving your skill set.


Having an international network can be even more valuable than the job experience itself. Knowing people can broaden your job opportunities and present you with a wide variety of ventures.


3) Boost your international career


It’s a great way to gain international experience, this type of work experience gives you a competitive edge over other candidates. It’s a unique occasion, that lets you learn about how things work within a different culture. You will gain very valuable knowledge about the market in a different country. International experience makes you a more attractive candidate for global brands, having previously worked in an environment of this sort.


4) Challenging


During an internship abroad, you will face many new challenges. They will allow you to gain new skills and grow as person. Spending time in a foreign country has an impact on much more than just your professional life. Building a new life and adapting to a different country is a personal challenge. You will meet new people and discover different cultures, living abroad is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons.


write curriculum


5) Improve your resume and employability


It adds a huge amount of value to your resume; an experience abroad can demonstrate more than just the job you performed. It shows you are willing to face new challenges and step out of your comfort zone in order to learn and succeed professionally. This proves your ability to adapt to new situations accompanied by a decision-making attitude. These kinds of soft skills are highly valued by hiring professionals.


An internship abroad can also make you stand out from the rest of the candidates, even though they have the same experience in job positions having had the job abroad gives you a unique international perspective.


signing a job contract


6) Increase your job opportunities


Widening the breach of your job search opens you up to plenty of more job opportunities in your field. Extending your reach to more countries and giving you an advantage in the international and global market.




Last but definitely not least one of the most important pros is all the fun you will have, all the memories and friendships you will make. If you’re considering an internship abroad you can check out our work abroad program here.