Benefits of the Work Abroad Program

Increase your chances of getting hired abroad

with our valuable insights about hiring companies and useful tips to nail your interview and promote your application.

Immerse yourself in a growth experience

by discovering a new country and a fast-paced company where you will develop the most in-demand business skills.

Prepare to enhance your employability

by maximizing this work experience as a unique differentiation factor and a launch pad for your next endeavors.

Why choose Planet Expat?


Over the past few years, Planet Expat has developed an on-field methodology to help you land the perfect internship or job abroad.


To hiring. We ensure we dedicate specific time to you and the company to create the perfect match.


You will receive expert guidance to help you define your objectives and select the best work opportunities to accelerate your career.


Work Abroad Program

700 €

*Charged upon successful recruitment only.

  1. A 1-hour Skype interview with Planet Expat recruiter to discuss your project
  2. A phone debrief with tips to boost your interview skills
  3. Personalized career advice
  4. Preparation of interviews with recruiting companies
  5. Customized referral of your application to recruiting companies
  6. Benefit from a 50 euro discount you enroll to one of our Work Abroad Coaching programs
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  • When do I have to pay the Planet Expat fee?

    The payment of the 99 euro deposit (fully refundable) is due after your interview debrief with a Planet Expat recruiter to validate your enrollment.

    The rest of the placement fee (700 – 99 = 601 euros) is due after you accepted an offer made by one of our partner companies, within 21 days of receiving the invoice (via email).

  • Will I get my deposit money back if I decide to leave the Planet Expat program?

    A full refund of the deposit will be issued at any time if you decide to leave the Planet Expat program. Planet Expat will transfer the deposit immediately, although it may take up to a week to appear in your bank account. Please consult our Terms & Conditions for more details.

  • Which countries does Planet Expat work with?

    Some of our main destinations include Chile, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. 

    Please note that we don’t exclusively offer these destinations – refer to our job board to find out more.

  • What is the typical length of a work placement?

    The length of a mission depends on the opportunity you apply to. Our internships usually last 6-12 months and permanent positions are indefinite. Precise information can be found on each opening we advertise.

  • How long will I stay in the program until I get an offer?

    The length of time to find and secure a work placement usually takes 5-8 weeks, although this can vary depending on the opportunities available and your requirements. In any case, we recommend you to apply to the Placement program at least 2 months before your preferred start date.

  • Are all Planet Expat placement opportunities displayed on your website?

    Our business development team is constantly on the lookout to generate more placement opportunities. In order to keep updated, we advise you to regularly review our job board.

  • Who will send my application to hiring companies?

    Your Planet Expat recruiter will send your application to hiring companies along with a personal referral to boost your profile.

  • Does Planet Expat help with visa and relocation?

    Planet Expat is neither a travel nor a visa agency. Our expertise lies specifically in recruitment and career coaching. Please check your visa eligibility before applying to any job opening in a specific destination.

  • I feel like my CV could be better. Will Planet Expat help me improve it if I join the Work Abroad program?

    We offer very effective and focused coaching programs for candidates interested in joining the Work Abroad program. You will find details on Career Coaching page.

    By enrolling to one of the Work Abroad Coaching programs, you will significantly boost your application and benefit from a 70 euro discount on the final placement fee. You can check prices and what we offer here.

  • Discover the experiences of our happy customers


    of our Graduate Candidates were hired at the end of their internship.

    Check what customers got from their experience abroad

    James Klein


    Joined a technology startup in Paris


    “The Planet Expat team helped me find so much more than a job, they helped me find a truly life-changing experience.”

    Charif Hakim


    Joined an education startup in Santiago de Chile


    “This experience has allowed me to become more independent, stress-free, fearless, and more confident in my ability to achieve anything, to live anywhere after taking on challenges.”

    Elise Breton


    Joined the Spanish branch of a US startup in Sevilla


    “Planet Expat helped me secure an internship at a great startup. I gained more insights into the entrepreneurial environment and the journey of a growing company whilst improving my managerial skills among an international team.”