The workplace and the professional world, in general, are both ever-evolving concepts. Nowadays, we live in a society facing fast-paced changes in all areas, obligating companies to keep up with innovation. At the same time, they are also experiencing a digital revolution, which in turn, has led to the creation of new jobs that didn’t even exist a few years ago. Globalization has contributed immensely to this demand and the collaboration of teams from all around the world.


At Planet Expat, we’ve taken a look at some of the workplace trends that began to emerge this past year. Here are some insights into which trends we will be seeing more of in 2019:


  1. Centralized Communication


Emailing and instant messaging has revolutionized the way we communicate at work. However, these forms of immediate communication can be stressful. People often feel the need to be available at all times and are pressured into a rapid response. Meaning it has almost become a distraction. Causing us to lose focus on the task at hand so we can respond to the constant flow of messages on a number of different platforms and sources, can be challenging.


Companies have realized this and many have been on the lookout for the perfect digital tool or platform where they can bring together and streamline all relevant communications, uniting different departments improving internal communication and teamwork whilst giving all employees an outlook on the companies’ goals and projects. All of this will contribute to a much more organized and less stressful communication flow.


workplace communication trend


  1. Employee Experience


With new generations such as the millennials, who now dominate the workforce and the digital natives of Generation Z entering the workplace needs of employees have changed drastically. These generations generally have a more purpose-orientated look on work life.


They are looking for companies who appreciate and acknowledge their efforts and share the same values. Taking into consideration the bigger picture and thinking about what their work and company do for the good of society.


Employees who feel like they are aligned with their companies mission and are a valued team member are more likely to be more enthusiastic, dedicated and have a higher performance.


A great example of a company who has successfully catered to their employee’s needs and are well-known for their excellent employee experience is Google. With modern campuses, flexible hours, facilities such as gyms and video game break rooms it’s clear why this tech giant is one of the most desired workplaces.


inside googleplex



  1. The Future is Digital


And it has been for a while. We don’t mean digital as in robots taking over the workload! But there will be an increase in digital tools and innovations. They will be capable of reducing the time spent on certain tasks. Consequently, speeding up processes and taking some of the burdens off employees.


In other words, we are expected to work better and faster, aided by the digital world.


digital workplace trend



  1. The Importance of Coaching


As we mentioned before, there are new generations in our workforce. Subsequently, another change that has been identified is the desire for coaching. The younger generation focuses a great deal on their career development. They are eager to learn and scale within a company, accomplishing career objectives fast.


For this reason, they highly value coaching from superiors and respond well to initiatives and programs created to support employees. A steady stream of feedback and constructive criticism will help prepare them for future roles that require higher responsibilities and define their individual strengths and skills in the workplace.


If you’re interested in receiving some coaching to help start or give your career a boost you can check out our experts here.


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These are a few of the workplace trends you may notice this year. It’s clear that companies are facing the task of stepping up to their employees’ needs and expectations. The digital world is also having a huge impact on life at work! Finally, from everyone at Planet Expat, we hope you have a great 2019 🙂