Maintaining productivity at work can be difficult – especially nowadays with the number of distractions available to us at the tips of our fingers. With a new year close by people start to make their resolutions for the year to come. Many of these resolutions are often work-related. Maybe you are looking to make big work changes such as a career change or working abroad for a while – in which case you can check out our career coaching and work abroad program!


However, many people decide to make smaller resolutions. Simple things such as being more organized or increasing your productivity at work. These habits can actually, in the long run, have a large impact on your life.


If this New Year you are beginning a new project or just want a little more organization in your work life then you have come to the right place!


So, how can I increase productivity at work?


We tried and tested some of the most popular tools to improve productivity on the go. Here 5 of the best digital tools we found that helped us to be more productive at work:


digital tools evernote web app




This is one of the most popular digital tools on the web! It’s backed by companies such as Forbes and is the winner of 7 Webby Awards. Its main feature is creating notes, where you can add attachments, clip web pages and share them easily with your coworkers. Besides creating notes, you are able to upload and sort PDFs, as well as scanning documents with the search bar tool.


It also includes an organizing system, allowing you to create different notebooks depending on the topics or categories you choose. There is a tagging system for your notes too, it works much like the organization system of blog posts would.


This app is great for managing projects, taking notes in meetings, setting reminders and editing a variety of documents. It comes with multi-device sync, which means you have all your information in one place. Accessible on each and every one of your devices!


It’s available on Apple devices and Android, as well as having an online platform. It has 3 different types of plans, the free version comes with the most basic functions, other plans such as the business one comes with features like team collaboration and team administration.



digital tools trello boards



Trello is a great productivity tool for team collaboration. It consists of creating multiple boards. Each one has different cards, where you can add comments, team members, file attachments, checklists, due dates and much more!  You can invite an unlimited number of members to each board, allowing you to share the information with real-time sync.


It even comes with a notification system, so you’ll never miss out on any of the activities going on across all of your boards or cards.


This app is a great way to keep track of all your tasks – and who doesn’t love the satisfying feeling of ticking something off your checklist?! It’s also one of the best digital tools for collaborations, giving you the ability to overview an entire project, letting you see actions and the tasks they involve.


Trello works on a  web platform, on both Apple and Android, and has a desktop version of the app. As for pricing, its features are completely free and unlimited! There are plans such as the business one that allows you to integrate other apps or add more security by controlling which members can join a board and giving you the ability to personalize with custom backgrounds.



digital tools screenshot of wunderlist




This app is based on creating lists, which means it’s good for task management! Some of its features include grouping lists into folders, sharing your lists, allowing comments, and setting reminders and due dates.


It’s a cloud-based tool, which means that you will be able to access your lists on various devices. Allowing you to keep up with your lists anywhere!


The free version comes with all the core features, such as sync on all devices and creating and sharing lists. However, there are two paid plans, Pro and Business. These options come with advanced features such as unlimited files, unlimited assigning to tasks and flexible team sizes.



digital tools pomodoro cc screenshot


Pomodoro CC


This digital tool is based on the Pomodoro Technique. A concept designed to not only keep you organized but to also help you maintain focus, making your time much more productive! This method consists of choosing a task you would like to get done. You then commit to accomplishing it by setting a timer for 25 minutes, in which you will only focus on the task at hand.


When the task is completed you can check it off the to-do list, and give yourself – and your brain – a short break! The rule is that after having completed 4 sets of 25 minutes you get to reward yourself with a longer break!


Pomodoro CC is a simple online platform in which you can write down your tasks for the day, set the timer for intervals of 25/5/15 minutes and then feel the gratification of checking it off the list!



digital tools eisenhower screenshot




The last of our digital productivity tools uses the list format and focuses on helping you prioritize. It’s based on the Eisenhower Matrix, also known as the Urgent-Important Matrix. It aims to help you prioritize your tasks by how important or urgent they are.


The name comes from the famous Eisenhower principle, “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.”


The app organizes your tasks into 4 quadrants, Do First, Schedule, Delegate and Don’t Do. Organizing your day by prioritizing your time, making sure you finish your most important assignments. The platform can be used via a web app and on Apple devices.



All of these are great tools to increase productivity at work. Nevertheless, the most important thing of all is your own persistence and hard work! It can be difficult to make changes – especially in your daily routine – but it is not impossible! We wish you all a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 🙂