Homesickness is a common emotional state that many expats face when moving to another country. Although it normally affects younger people, homesickness can also affect grown adults. Through this post we will look on ways to reduce the feeling of being homesick so that you can overcome it and focus on living.


  1. 1) Recognize you are Homesick.

It’s important that you actually understand what you’re going through and identify the causes that make you feel that way. Perhaps you miss home, your family or your friends. There all kind of reasons why you may feel homesickness. If for instance you miss your family, it would be a great idea to have pictures of them around and schedule a call with them occasionally through skype. Additionally, there are some symptoms that are somehow more complex – depression, anxiety, nostalgia amongst others, often caused by being exposed to a new environment where you are not receiving the social support you were having back home.




  1. 2) Keep a Journal.

Normally when you travel to a new country and experience a completely different culture, you will encounter some adaptation difficulties like making new friends or getting used to the food. It’s normal, we’ve all being through homesickness is some way or another. One of the solutions that has helped a lot of people, is writing up a diary or a journal with all the things you feel and experience in first person. It’s a great way to reflect and let out all the negativity you feel. It’s like having a friend who won’t judge you.




  1. 3) Create a Routine.

Build your own routine and keep yourself busy at all times. A great way to do this is by establishing milestones. Make sure you reward yourself with something nice for every achievement, small or big. Additionally, something that can really help is create a bucket list, where you write the new things you want to try. Whether you want to explore the new country you’re in or parachuting, do exciting things that make you feel alive and send them over to your loved ones.




  1. 4) Exercise and Sports.

Playing sports, it’s one of the key areas where people have agreed that has helped them adapt for a variety of different reasons. Not only does it keep you fit and healthy which is very important for your body and mental state, but it’s a great way to meet new people and make long-lasting friendships. So, join a local team, or use websites like MeetUp to do group runs and other activities.




  1. 5) Cheer up.

Really, stop over-thinking stuff. Think that this will be just temporary and it’s a lifetime opportunity. So many people are wishing for a chance to explore a new country, a new culture. You got it. Make most of it, learn a new language, connect, attend events, party! Like this new adventure to its fullest, you never know where you’ll go next so be brave.




The world is yours!