Thanks to digital technology, we can now work remotely as effectively as if we were in the office. So surely that reduces our need to travel abroad to work, right? Not exactly. An increase in globalization is encouraging more and more companies to seek new markets abroad. And they’ll need to send more employees on international assignments to fulfill this global mission. But how will they manage to keep track of so many employees abroad? Digital technology. As businesses become increasingly cyber-driven, international assignments will be more successful than ever before…


First of all, who will experience the effects of digital technology?

We can pretend that digital technology will only impact us if we choose to integrate it into our working lives. But this simply isn’t the case. Digital will indeed affect ALL businesses, no matter where they are in the world. So companies of all categories will need to embrace it and identify ways to incorporate it to ensure their future success. Digital technology will contribute towards creating the best experience for employees sent on international assignments. And so if companies want to successfully enter global markets, technology is an investment they cannot avoid.

investment in digital for international assignments



But how exactly will digital technology improve international assignments?

Investing in digital technology will help companies keep track of their employees on international assignments. They’ll be able to effectively store their personal data and track their progress in reliable, secure and efficient software platforms. In fact, 47% of global businesses have already invested in new technology over the past three years to improve international assignments. Aiming to thoroughly monitor the entire experience from start to finish, companies will be able to ensure the outcome is successful both for them and their employees. Never before has global communication been so easy. And it will continue to grow as more digital technology is introduced.


Will digital advancements enable companies to send all employees to work abroad?

At the moment, companies tend to prioritize scientists, engineers and IT experts when it comes to international assignments. Their technical skills are just what a business needs to be able to innovate alongside the increasingly digital work environment. However, as technological advancements threaten the workplace more and more, companies may start to consider employees of all levels, both experienced, inexperienced, highly-skilled, less advanced, to work abroad. They’ll recognize that in order to succeed in a cyber-driven world, all employees must be digitally aware on a global scale. And this may not have to cost companies an arm and a leg. Thanks to cheaper, faster and more reliable transport, sending employees abroad is far more feasible than in the past. So international assignments may no longer be as exclusive…


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