Frida: Mexican, unique, a lover, painter, poet, woman, sufferer… and entrepreneur. You will definitely get some inspiration from such a character– we selected 4 of her best quotes to illustrate her disruptive attitude and mindset. Release your inner Frida!


Embrace Resilience. Frida overcame many adverse situations throughout her life – an unfortunate accident, the tragic/heartbreaking loss of her unborn child and an unexpected foot mutilation – and used all her pain and fragility to develop great resilience in extreme situations. She did all this through the use of creativity, and was reborn into a stronger person. Always remember that no matter how bad a situation may be, it can lead to fruitful opportunities for growth.


Professionals should develop their resilience with a positive mindset as a way of finding innovative solutions. Albert Einstein wrote: “Creativity is born from distress, as the day is born from the dark night. It is in crisis that invention, discovery and large strategies are born. Whoever overcomes crisis, outdoes himself without being overcome.” Entrepreneurship and innovation arise from adverse circumstances.


YOU Decide. Frida never studied Arts. However, she made her pieces transcend and became a vital part of art history. Passion, innovation and, what is more, determination, are not taught in schools. They are in your ability to think, to express yourself differently and in your ability to make your own decisions. Dare to be different: try new things, make mistakes and find good people willing to join you on the journey. Be part of a world where people create their own destiny, and don’t let anyone bring you down or cut your wings.


Many professionals limit their work to what they are asked to do, forgetting their passions, complementary skills and talents. Managers should embrace creativity and let people be accountable for their decisions by participating in new projects. Do not be afraid of taking new challenges and express what you have inside.   


Engage Yourself. Frida was a revolutionary; engaged in the feminist and communist movement she became a voice and influencer in each, both locally and internationally. She was loyal to her thoughts and ideals, something immediately apparent in her paintings and actions, and even hosted Trotsky at Coyoacán. It’s important to show commitment in order to have influence and create an impact on society. Get inspired!


Engagement at work is important – in both directions of the company-employee relationship. Sharing the same values and participating in achieving each other’s goals makes a relationship strong, lasting and powerful.  Employee’s loyalty is a company’s best ally.  


It’s All About Being Unique. With her ideas, dressing, paintings, and actions- Frida was unique. The world made a brand out of her. Today Frida Kahlo Corporation owns the rights to the brand name Frida Kahlo worldwide. Plus, she was the first selfie superstar – self-portraits where her thing, a way of having a Frida face for every moment of her life. I am convinced Frida is one of the predecessors of the Personal Brand concept and an illustrative example of the importance of it. Do like Frida and find what makes you different, identify your strengths, focus on them and stand out from the crowd.  


Frida is a vivid example of a warrior, a Life lover and a leader. Get empowered with resilience, decisions, engagement and uniqueness.  Enjoy life being the best version of you!