Do you have a job interview over Skype coming up? Don’t freak out, be prepared!


1- Have a professional username


Just be simple, boring and use your name. Nope, “soccerstar10” is not an option 🙂


2- Test the equipment beforehand


Do a few test calls with your friends to test your internet connection, set up your camera and ensure they can hear you.


3- Choose a great location


Pick a quiet place and set up a neutral background with good lighting.


skype interview


4- Eliminate interruptions


Not only you should tell your roommate not to come in and out your room, but also turn off your phone, email, notifications, Facebook, etc. You don’t want to be disturbed.


5- Dress up


Dress the same as you would for a in-person interview.


6- Look at the camera


Don’t get distracted by your own image but make eye-contact with the recruiter – it’s not an easy task but try to avoid looking at the video, and focus on your webcam instead.


7- Handle tech issues gracefully


Keep calm, don’t yell at the microphone and don’t hesitate to relaunch the call if needed.


8- Smile and interact


Through screens, it may not be easy to create a connection so smile a lot, express interest and show that you are actually listening to them (don’t over gesture though).


At the end of the day, Skype or not, be prepared as usual for a job interview – do your due diligence about the company, get your pitch ready, anticipate questions, etc.


The bottom line is this: treat any Skype interview as you would treat any in-person interview.