Program Fee

Planet Expat’s service fee is a unique, “one-price-fits-all” amount regardless of duration, destination or any other feature/condition of the international experience you are looking for. (** Discover how to finance your project here **)

Placement Fee

700 €

To ensure your full commitment to finding the best possible professional experience abroad, we require the payment of a fully refundable deposit of 99€. This deposit is due when contracting Planet Expat services, after the 1st interview with our recruiter.

A full refund of the 99€ deposit fee (100%) will be issued in any of the following situations:

  • The hiring company decides not to recruit you
  • You choose to decline the offer extended by the hiring company and inform Planet Expat within 24h of your decision
  • You decide to leave the Planet Expat program

Once you have been recruited by the hiring company AND you decided to accept the offered position, the full Planet Expat Program fee will be due.

How does the Deposit system work?

Process Deposito

You have a first interview with a Planet Expat recruiter.

If you are selected to join the program, you have to pay a deposit of 99 euros in order to confirm your membership.

You find an opportunity through Planet Expat. The 99 euros will be then considered as the first part of the final fee (so it would be deduced: you will have to pay the additional 601 euros once you get hired).

For any reason during the process, you wish to leave the program. The deposit fee is fully refundable within 48 hours after you ask for it.