Latin America

With its 19 countries, Latin America is one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic regions of the world, attracting more and more people and businesses. Completing a paid internship in this region of the world is a great occasion for you to enhance your resume. Total immersion within the South-American culture business customs will open your mind and develop new skills and knowledge. There are many professional opportunities to seize in this emerging market: Innovation, technology and sustainability are growing tremendously. Be part of this change!

From Mexico, to Chile, Brazil, Colombia or Argentina, you will enjoy the diversity of cultures, landscapes and the most vibrant and inspiring cities such as Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo or Bogota.

  • Santiago de Chile

  • Buenos Aires


The European entrepreneurial culture is on the rise. Western European countries are starting to capitalize on their formidable education systems and Eastern European countries are emerging as new hubs for IT experts. The European Union enables the sharing of international experiences and is a source of intercultural exchanges. Incubators are appearing and startup communities are developing all over the place, from Paris to Madrid, and from Amsterdam to Bucharest. All this creates great opportunities for you to join startups as interns and uncover your entrepreneurial spirit.

Planet Expat can connect you to the most promising European startups and help you join this entrepreneurial revolution.

  • Madrid

  • Amsterdam

  • Paris

  • Bucharest

  • Barcelona

  • Rome

  • Berlin

  • Lisbon

North America

With close to 100,000 start-ups in the United States, there is no shortage of innovation and energy in the world’s third largest country, and biggest economy. The US has a population of over 310 million, with dozens of big cities across the country that are developing hubs of ideas, experiments, and networks. The start-up atmosphere feeds the surrounding communities with a new group of intellects, dreamers, positive thinkers, and people who want to change the way we live… for the better.

  • New York

  • San Francisco