Our tailored coaching programs for professionals

Our coaching programs for professionals are entirely customized to best meet your needs. They are very hands-on and punctuated with tangible, top quality deliverables.

Is it for me?

The Planet Expat coaching solution is for you if:
– You have been applying and these applications do not convert in interviews.
– You have had interviews, but these interviews do not convert in job offers.
– You are at a transition in your career and are considering taking on a new role, or changing sector.
– You want to gain international experience.
– Your seek to professionalize your online presence and develop your personal brand.


Meet our coaches

Sophie Vurpillot

Sophie gained 13 years of experience as a manager in the corporate world and later, as an entrepreneur. She has worked in the USA, France, Germany, the UK, Chile and Brazil. She was a consultant in management and strategy and a program manager for a variety of sectors. She worked for 5 years in the financial industry in New York City. Sophie holds three Master’s degrees in international management and international human resources. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and a member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

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Florence Michelet

Florence is a Human Resources and Recruitment professional with a solid experience in the consulting, banking & start-up environments. Her areas of expertise span selection, career coaching, training and employer brand development.
She studied in France and Canada and holds a Master’s degree in International Management from ESCP Europe.

How does it work?

The first step is to have an exploratory Skype meeting with one of our senior coaches  to get a diagnostic of your situation and  discuss your objectives and expectations towards the program.

Coach will then leverage their expertise to build your tailored coaching program.


When I decided to move to Paris I knew it was going to be a difficult task to find a suitable job. Even if I managed to identify interesting opportunities, I was confident that I needed to be coached in order to succeed in the interviews and get selected. For me it was a matter of return on investment. In a market where people can take up to 6 months to get a job, I got mine in 2.
The Planet Expat service was a perfect investment. It was well worth it just by being able to find a job before most of my peers. If you are looking for a very specific job in a different culture and language like I was, you can’t pass up this opportunity to get noticed and find a great job.
Planet Expat helped me to write my resume and practice my interview pitch. It was written in an impressive manner that wowed interviewers and highlighted my strengths as a candidate. They really see the best in you and make you reach your full potential!

Nicolas Carvallo, Business Manager at Amaris (Paris)

My experience with Planet Expat was remarkable. I opted for a Career Coaching given that I had dedicated my last 4 years to working in human rights and I was trying to change sector. I had tried applying to several job offers but with very little success. I felt that my profile was too specialized to access to something different. So I decided to try Planet Expat’s service and I immediately started my sessions with Sophie. I was impressed by her ability to motivate me in really understanding my professional path and focus on my goals. Furthermore, her positive attitude and her professionalism generated an extremely pleasant environment, making our sessions a “task” I would actually look forward to!

Planet Expat’s coaching solution goes far beyond developing appealing application material. Of course, on the short run, making your CV and Cover letter stand out definitely helps with the job finding. But on the long run, it makes you become aware of who you are and what you need to thrive and fully achieve your potential. I was surprised in learning there were so many hidden skills and abilities I was not aware of, or how much I had learned and achieved during my past working experiences. You feel like everything is possible. Highly recommended!

Giorgia Vulcano, Project Manager at 4ChangeMedia & Legal Assistant at Hublegal.cl

My experience with Planet Expat was great. Sophie helped me to optimize my skills in a way I had never thought about. The coaching process was very enriching for me not just professionally, but personally as well. Planet Expat helped me to broaden my outlook on job prospects and better understand my best career path.

Gabriel Hamsi, Entrepreneur and Student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York City)